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PT. Bank BNI Syariah is one of the best Islamic banks, which obtained the best award as the most efficient bank and first ranked in the category of best good corporate governance report. So, this study aims to explore the extent of implementation of good corporate governance in PT. Bank Syariah Branch Tasikmalaya. This study is field research using the inductive method and content analysis approach. Data collection is using primary and secondary data through observations, interviews, and documentation. The results indicate that PT. Bank Syariah Branch Tasikmalaya has implemented good corporate governance principles by well according to the Islamic perspective. Described about it that bank has implemented “anti-graft” accordance with al-Amanah}-al-Jama>’ah}-al-Hasanah} as a slogan in doing work; al-Tawhi>d and al-Rid}a as the basis for forming personal character; every Dhuhur and Ashar prayer, the office is temporarily closed; Tarhib Ramadhan as routine program every June 19 by holding an MHQ competition.


Good Corporate Governance, Islamic Corporate Governance, Sharia Banking.

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